15 Feb



I WAS WRONG. There actually are people who are stupid enough to take to heart the issues that the late fugitive, Christopher Dorner, has raised and who viewed him as a sympathetic figure, a righteous vigilante and a revered messenger of truth. (See my last blog.)

People like Natasha Lopez of San Diego, who started a petition asking that an independent agency reopen Dorner’s case which charged that he was unjustly terminated from the LAPD.  According to the Associated Press, Lopez is concerned about police corruption and negligence. “I believe that he has opened a can of worms for the LAPD and opened the eyes of individuals that might have otherwise been blind,” she said.

Of course there have been abuses of power in the LAPD and other police agencies. Remember that old saying, “Power corrupts?”  But what Lopez and other Dorner supporters are missing is that Christopher Dorner was that bad apple. He was that rotten cop. He has proven that by his actions. Thank God he was terminated. Think of what damage he could have done with a badge on.

Then there’s the person who created the YouTube video game declaring Dorner, “A True American Hero.” I personally declared Dorner a true, yellow coward who killed four totally innocent people whom he did not even know.

Let’s not forget the singer of “El Matapolicias” or “Police Killer,” in English, who pays tribute to Dorner in a Facebook video.

Maybe there has always been a small number of people who are just “out there” in their beliefs, defying logic and common sense. But now, with the Internet, they have found their voice and they are able to broadcast it to others. The internet has given these no-names a platform to stand on.

Voice or no voice, I choose not to focus on this small minority of misguided people or their beliefs, but rather to focus on the facts and the truth. Christopher Dorner took out some very good people who will be missed by many. That cannot be changed. Let’s remember these people and the good they represented and try to forget about Dorner and his evil campaign of hate and murder.

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