Snoop Dogg vs. Donald Sterling

8 May

Rapper Snoop Dogg

One undesirable consequence of the Donald Sterling fiasco is the platform it’s given people like Snoop Dogg to claim the moral high ground. In a profanity laced rant Dogg (actually Rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.) also known as Snoop Lion, sent a message to the Clippers’ owner and to anyone else who would listen. I can’t print the message because of its vulgarity, but let’s just put it this way: Dogg doesn’t care for Sterling, his mama or anything connected to him.

I knew that Dogg was a rapper and that he’s done some acting. But, I also connected his name to the infamous “Girls Gone Wild” porn videos that were promoted on late night TV some years back. Indeed, Dogg was a promoter of “Girls Gone Wild” videos which exploited inebriated teen-age girls and young college women by filming them in ways they would later regret. In 2012, for example, Missouri stay-at-home mom Tamara Favazza received a $5.77 million judgment after claiming that Girls Gone Wild used video of her breasts in 2004 without her permission.

While I’m not a fan of rap music, Snoop Dogg’s obscenity filled Instagram made me curious about what Dogg sings about. So I looked up some lyrics and was shocked. I wondered why feminists and the NAACP hadn’t shut this guy down. His songs promote denigration and abuse of women and he used the “n” word innumerable times in almost all of the songs I looked up. To be fair, Snoop Dogg is older now and has children. Perhaps he has tamed his tongue over the years, I thought. So, I looked into newer songs. Yes, they were more tame, but still offensive and disgusting. The scary thing is that Snoop Dogg has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. He’s promoting disrespect, contempt and mistreatment of women and others to his listeners and to the world. What’s even scarier is that Snoop Dogg has been legitimized by the entertainment industry and the media. Snoop Dogg is acceptable in modern society and he’s cool. In my book, he shouldn’t be. He needs to be grilled for the way he raps about women and his fellow man. It seems Donald Sterling isn’t the only one who has some explaining to do.

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