Governor Brown thinks California Business Owners are Stupid?

9 May
Governor Jerry Brown Disses California Businesses

Governor Jerry Brown Disses California Businesses

So, California State Governor Jerry Brown thinks struggling California business owners are stupid? That’s what he communicated the other day, although not in so many words. Brown was speaking on April 28 in Lancaster at the U.S. headquarters of Chinese automaker BYD. Brown was there to recognize BYD’s production of its first two electric buses coming from the California factory, which employs 60 people.

Coincidentally, Brown’s remarks were delivered on the same day that Toyota, the world’s largest car maker, announced plans to relocate thousands of California employees to Texas. Toyota currently has more than 5,300 California employees, mostly in Torrance.

“We’ve got a few problems, we’ve got lots of little burdens, regulations and taxes,” Brown said, “but smart people figure out how to make it. And like I always say: you get what you pay for.”

Okay, so does that mean if California’s high taxes and strict regulations are causing business owners to struggle they are stupid? I would venture to say no and to disagree with the suggestion that lack of intelligence is responsible for California’s dismal business climate. I would also venture to say that the “little burdens, regulations and taxes” which are crushing California businesses are not so little, after all.

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