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Journalism 101 for Bob Costas

8 Jun


 If there were a class that teaches journalists how NOT to make a horse’s behind out of themselves, I would sign up Bob Costas ASAP! Costas, NBC’s 26 time Emmy Award winner, did a superb job of taking the focus off the winner of the world’s most watched horse race and onto the sour grapes of a loser.

I’m not the biggest horse racing fan in the world, but like many people, I watched the Belmont Stakes to see if California Chrome would be the first horse in 36 years to win the Triple Crown. And like others, I was disappointed when California Chrome tied for fourth place. I was also sad to watch his owner, Steve Coburn, vent a little bit more than, perhaps, he should have about the race results.

Coburn’s comments were understandable in light of the loss, but it wasn’t the time or place for name calling or debate on how horses should qualify to compete in Triple Crown races. It was time to focus on the winner, Tonalist and his owner, Robert Evans. So, I was relieved when TV coverage cut to the Winner’s Circle. But there, Bob Costas continued the focus on California Chrome and the bitter remarks of Coburn.

First, Costas brought up Evan’s late father, Thomas Mellon Evans, whose horse Pleasant Colony had a shot at the Triple Crown in 1981, but fell short, as did California Chrome. When Evans said that his dad had been “quiet” about the loss, Costas didn’t take the hint. Instead he flat out asked Evans what he thought of Coburn’s harsh words. When Evans declined to comment, the interview was over. Poof! No chance for Evans to thank the jockey, the trainer or his own family.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have liked to have heard more from Robert Evans and less from Steve Coburn. Thanks, a lot, Bob Costas.


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