California Residents

3 Jun

I’ve been thinking a lot about the homeless problem recently and I think it’s time we stop beating each other up over it, unify and demand that our state government begin to address this massive humanitarian crisis affecting so many California communities.
Our governor keeps on bragging that California has the 5th largest economy in the world. But what has he done about this immense problem that is affecting so many Californians? If anyone can tell me one thing that he’s done about it, I would be interested in hearing it.
I haven’t seen any concern about this monumental problem expressed by state leaders and I haven’t seen one dime of our state tax dollars go toward fixing this problem (and I mean “fixing,” not a band aid here and there). Yet, we are spending billions of dollars on a train that no one needs or wants and state leaders have made California a sanctuary for illegal immigrants without allowing us to vote on the issue.
Think about it for a minute: thousands of our legal residents are living on our streets in filth and squalor, some suffering from addiction and mental illness. Others are veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and some of them are just down and out, and our state leaders are doing nothing to help any of them. Meanwhile, Governor Brown and these same state leaders are inviting the poor, ragged – and oppressed of the WORLD to come here illegally and be welcomed with opened arms. If we can’t even take care of our own legal citizens, how are we going to care for the poor and downtrodden of the WORLD?
Perhaps Governor Brown and our state legislators are living so high off the hog in their private communities and limousines (on our hard earned tax dollars) that they are not affected by the burgeoning homeless population as the rest of us are. Obviously, they are not concerned about the homeless people, but they also do not seem to be living the same California REALITY that the rest of us experience on a daily basis. In short, they are out of touch and unconcerned.
If I were Governor Jerry Brown or any California state leader, I would not be bragging about the size of our economy or anything else about our state. I would be ashamed to be in leadership of a state that has done basically nothing to help the neediest of its own people. To have American citizens living like this and being neglected by state leaders as they are is an embarrassment to me as a second generation Californian and as an American. It’s a disgrace! And it’s especially shameful when you consider that California state spending is at an all time high and Governor Jerry Brown is leaving his successor with more than $283.3 billion in existing budget debt, according to the California State Department of Finance. (John Myers, political columnist,
The homeless problem is too big for our cities and even our counties to handle. Look at Orange County. No OC city wants to take on the burden of the homeless riverbed population. The hands of our Police and city leaders are tied by our outdated state laws that need to change so that people are required to get the treatment they need when they are unable to adequately care for themselves, whether they want it or not.
Instead of spending billions of dollars on a useless train, we need to invest in our own legal citizens; our homeless young people, veterans and others. They need mental health care, rehab, job training and transitional housing.
Instead of spending millions of dollars on free education for illegal immigrants at our University of California campuses (thanks a lot, Janet Napolitano), we need to lower college fees for our legal, California residents.
Our state also needs sound policies that will provide better paying jobs and more affordable housing. Plus, we need to bring our middle class back to California and stop the descent into a welfare state where only the rich and the poor reside. That is not acceptable and it’s un-American!
It boggles my mind to watch the TV commercials of those running for California State Governor and other leadership positions. Do these people even live in California? They are so out of touch. All they talk about is gun control and a bunch of mushy stuff that I can’t even remember, but I know that it’s not important to me as a state resident and as a voter.
In addition to the homeless problem, we state voters are concerned about excessive taxation (skyrocketing gas taxes and vehicle registration fees, to name just two examples), soaring crime, the high cost of housing and the high cost of living, not enough well-paying jobs and excessive bureaucratic red tape and other burdens on our small businesses.
Thanks to current state leaders, scores of prisoners are being let out of our jails too early and without proper preparation, job training and rehabilitation to give them a successful, crime free life after release.
As our standard of living continues to decrease, good businesses and legal, law abiding citizens (including many of our young people) have moved out of California in droves and they continue to leave.
Where are our hard earned tax dollars going? Despite having the world’s fifth largest economy, California has the highest poverty rate in the nation at 20.4%. ( editorial by Sal Rodriguez) We need more state audits and more accountability.
All of us need to educate ourselves and vote in the upcoming elections in June and November. We need to study the candidates and the issues and vote in wise people who care about our concerns and who will properly use our tax dollars and the strength of our economy to increase the standard of living for all legal, California residents. I hope to see you at the polls!

2 Responses to “California Residents”

  1. Mary Dyer June 4, 2018 at 8:16 pm #

    This is a very well thought out blog. A reasonable, fact-filled piece. Thank you Veronica for posting it. California definitely needs to shake up our State leadership (an oxymoron?) to be more concerned for “our” homeless citizens than for bringing in an illegal “voting block”. Can it ever happen? Not without a change in Party Leadership!.

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    • veronicajames2013 June 4, 2018 at 10:52 pm #

      Thanks, Mary. I was inspired to write this article after seeing how upset and unkind neighbors were getting over the homeless issue on the social media forum, NextDoor. Everyone is frustrated by the same problems but getting angry with each other and also angry and hateful toward the homeless, instead of unifying to demand that our state government do SOMETHING to address this and other problems that are causing so much discontent among California residents and causing many to leave. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.


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